What is orangutan adoption program?
You provide the funds needed for orangutan rehabilitation. BOSF's orangutan rehabilitation centers struggle to rescue orangutan from extinction, than they were taken care of and trained in a 'forest school' so they can be successfully return to the wild. The funds is needed for this process, from orangutans arrive in rehabilitation centers to go back to their home in the wild.

What is shared adoption program?
This initiative means an orangutan can be adopted by several adopters either individually or together as groups.

So when I adopt an orangutan, there are another people who adopt the same orangutan?
YES, in a shared adoption program, an orangutan can be adopted by more than one adopter.

What is premium adoption program?
This initiative means an orangutan only can be adopted by one adopter as an individual or as a group, for minimum periode for adoption is 12 months. The cost for each orangutan is USD 3,500.00 per year and is renewable each year.

How many packages offered in shared adoption program?
There are 3 adoption packages offered in this program:

  1. Bronze: price USD 40.00, and lasts for 3 months;
  2. Silver: price USD 80.00, and lasts for 6 months;
  3. Gold: price USD 160.00, and lasts for 12 months.

Is that the monthly cost or the total package cost?
The amount listed is the total cost for each package.

Can adopter bring adopted orangutan home and treat it like a pet?
NO. Orangutans remain staying under BOSF care and supervision.

Can adopter watches adopted orangutan in BOSF Rehabilitation Centers?
NO. Our reintroduction center is closed for public. Based on our policy to minimizing contact between orangutan and human, adopter will only be allowed to visit orangutan facilities accessible for visitor (e.g. Information center).

How is the payment mechanism?
Payment can be done by wire transfer via internet banking, cash deposit and ATM.

How is the adoption procedure?

  1. Fill in the adoption form and send it back to bosfundraising@orangutan.or.id or register online via website adoption;
  2. Transfer adoption fund to BOSF bank account;
  3. Send transfer receipt to bosfundraising@orangutan.or.id or via fax to +62 251 8323142.

What will adopters get?

  1. An official and personalized certificate;
  2. Background story and photos of your adopted orangutan;
  3. Update twice a year on the progress of your adopted orangutan (only for silver and gold packages).

What is the procedure if I want to extend the adoption?
Make a payment and send a proof of transfer and please kindly state the recipient name in your transfer description; do not have to filling out the adoption form.

Is adoption package sent by mail?
NO. All documents is sent via e-mail, and can be printed by adopter. We do this to show our concern to environment by reducing paper and costs as well.

Is it possible to adopt only for a period of 3 months or 6 months or 12 months?

Why adopter should send the transfer receipt?
To ease the financial part in identifying funds into the BOS Foundation bank account.

If I already adopted an orangutan and I want adopted another orangutan, what should I do?
You don't have to register again, just inform us the name of orangutan you want to adopt, what adoption package you choose; and if you want to make this adoption as a present/gift, you can give the e-mail address of the gift recipient.

Can I adopt orangutan who is not in the shared adoption list?
YES, but it will be considered as a premium adoption program.

For the submission of the adoption form, whether it should be original or can be sent via e-mail once it scan?
You don't have to send the original form. It can be sent via fax to +62 251 8323142 or you scan it first then send it via email to bosfundraising@orangutan.or.id

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All packages and updates will delivered in the form of digital files. This way, we believe, will save cost and environment.